Susan Schary Studio

Courtroom Sketches
of Ira Einhorn
Holly Maddux
Murder Trial

Susan Schary Studio

Susan Schary is a world-renowned artist whose work is represented in thousands of private collections and institutions the world over.  Her biography is listed in all the major biographical anthologies.  Susan Schary is the leading courtroom artist on the east coast for the major television networks and affiliates.  This site will detail her accomplishments as well as show you examples of her original art, commissioned art, courtroom art and her print works which are also available for sale.  Follow Susan Schary into a world where brushes function as prisms through which light becomes a carnival of color.  Using a rainbow of brilliant hues, she invents remarkable images of people, places and things.

Susan Schary Studio
374 W. Mt. Airy Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19119

1 (215) 248-5735

See courtroom drama unfold through Susan Schary's eyes and sketches of such high-profile trials as those of
Ira Einhorn, John DuPont, Thomas Capano, Gary Heidnik, Mumia Abu-Jamal and Ramona Africa. || Resources


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